Executive Committee Officers

  • Karen Utter, 2017 President-Trustee/Edmonds
  • Warren Weissman, 2018 VP Communications & Trustee/Seattle
  • Judi Carr, 2017 VP Administrative/Seattle
  • Kimberly Parker, 2017 VP Outreach/Poulsbo
  • Don Gischer, 2018 Secretary-Trustee/Bellingham
  • Bill Collision, 2018 Treasurer/Seattle
  • Cheri Perazzoli, 2016 Director of Access-LoopSeattle-Trustee/Redmond


  • Wes Brosman, 2018 Trustee/Aberdeen
  • Sandra Bunning, 2017 Trustee/Renton
  • Devin Myers, 2018 Trustee/Tacoma
  • Alexi Pedersen, 2016 Trustee/Edmonds
  • Steve Pettijohn, 2018 Trustee/Snohomish
  • Glenda Philio, 2016 Trustee/Renton
  • Jayesh Unadkat, 2016 Trustee/Sammamish

Are you interested in being a board member or working with HLAA-WA?

The Nominating Committee of Washington State Association of HLAA has been charged with the job of finding potential nominees to our Board of Trustees. Each position available carries a term of three years and some responsibility that will require a time commitment, some local travel and the regular use of a computer and email communications.

The focus of our state’s HLAA-WA association is to help coordinate among all of Washington’s HLAA members, chapters and activities and to promote the outreach and access activities that can best be done regionally or above the local chapter level. We also include all HLAA-WA local chapters through the inclusion of the Chapter Coordinator position within the state association’s leadership. This is an added commitment of leadership that will further enhance the cooperation that we already have among local members. Our support of our local chapters helps to present a stronger and more unified HLAA-WA group voice within our state.

Please do consider applying for membership on our HLAA-WA board or other service as an active committee member of our association. We are searching for participant interest at this time and hope that you might consider filling out the attached informational form to indicate your willingness to be considered as a potential board or committee member. Or you may consider signing up to be available to volunteer in an area where you have an interest or you may already be active in your local community. We currently work in areas of Outreach, Access, and some local chapter coordination throughout our state. There are also several other smaller committees that may be a fun way to become active with this friendly and dedicated group of HOH people. It is our hope that you will have an interest in joining us in the leadership body of WA State Association of HLAA.

If you have any questions please contact, Judi Carr. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.

Click here for our current 2016 application for board membership or to share an interest in working with us.

Best regards,
Karen Utter