hearing Loss Association of Washington

To open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy.

All aspects of life will be accessible to people with hearing loss.

HLAA-WA is affiliated with the Hearing Loss Association of America (formerly Self Help for Hard of Hearing, Inc.). HLAA is dedicated to the wellbeing of people who do not hear well, whatever their age, whatever their communication style. It is the nation’s largest organization for people with hearing loss.

Call for Nominations to the Board of HLAA-WA
The Nominating Committee of HLAA-WA is actively seeking nominations for the Board of Trustees.  If you are interested, please use this form to applyHLA-WA 2019 Nominations Information Interest FORM.  Send it to Larry Wonnacott, lwonnacott@symmetryfunds.com.

Or if you know someone who would be a good Board member, please make a referral to Larry at that same email address.

Potential candidates may be interviewed and final nominations will be presented to the membership this Fall for election at the Annual Meeting on October 26, 2019.  Those elected will take office on January 1, 2020.

Other members of the Nominating Committee are Karen Utter, Past President and former Seattle Chapter President; and Glenda Philio, who leads the Renton HLAA support group.  Contact Larry at lwonnacott@symmetryfunds.com if you have any questions.

Current E-News from HLAA-WA (Web Edition)

August 23, 2019.  In this edition:

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E-News From HLAA-WA

Newest Edition of Sound Waves

SW Summer 2019

City of Seattle Enacts TV Caption Ordinance

On April 15, the City of Seattle enacted an ordinance that, when it takes effect, will require televisions in places of public accommodation have captions turned on.  This will benefit those with hearing loss as well as people with other reasons to need visual support for what is being said.  Read the ordinance here.

Buying Hearing Aids in Washington
(What to expect)

*New* August 22, 2018
Our new and updated flyer Buying Hearing Aids in Washington (What to expect) is now published.