“Ask For the Hearing Access You Need” An Empowerment Series Webinar with Ann Thomas

two-panel graphic; right panel is a line drawing of two human forms--a squiggly line indicating confusion is drawn between them. The left panel is text that says communication access, everyone gets the message.

Ask For The Hearing Access You Need
HLAA-WA Empowerment Series
Ann Thomas, HLAA-DV and HLAA’s Get in the Hearing Loop
March 15, 2023, 4:00 pm Pacific

Did you know hearing loss is a disability covered under federal, state and local civil rights laws?

Join us for this Empowerment Series webinar, “Ask For the Hearing Access You Need,” and learn:

  • What is communication access?
  • What is required under the law?
  • Where is it required to be provided?

Free, captioned, and as always, open to everyone.

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