Bill to Require Private Insurers to Cover Kids’ Hearing Aids Will Not Move Forward in 2021

Poster with photo on left of dark-skinned little girl with natural hair laughing. On the right, text reads Let Washington Kids Hear, Support the Twenty Twenty One Washington State Children's Hearing Aid Bill. Bottom is a logo reading HLAA, Hearing Loss Association of America Washington State Association.

UPDATE February 24, 2021 – Call to action by March 5, 2021: Email your representatives and ask them to support the budget proviso from Rep. Emily Wicks. This proviso would provide $75,000 for the OIC to perform an accurate cost analysis, which will help lawmakers make an informed vote in 2022.

Remember to stress how hearing aids are important for children’s education, socialization, and overall health, and that hearing aids aren’t affordable for many families. Lawmakers will be “on the floor” the week of March 1, 2021, so this would be a good time to contact your representatives. Read more on our website about this proviso, courtesy of Cynthia Stewart.

December 18, 2020 – A bill introduced in the 2021 Washington State Legislature will require private insurers to cover hearing aids for children and adolescents.

When kids can’t hear well, their language development, social skills, and school performance are harmed. Hearing aids make all the difference, but one in five families can’t afford hearing aids for their children, according to the Better Hearing Institute.

Visit our Advocacy page to find out how YOU can help these vulnerable children learn better and thrive.