Find Venues with Hearing Loops via Google Maps

Kimberly Parker was pretty excited about the Seattle Rep’s hearing loops.

People with hearing loss need to think about how they’ll hear everywhere they go. Now, we can find out if a venue has a hearing loop before we leave home.

Thanks to efforts by the HLAA Get in the Hearing Loop national program in conjunction with Google leaders, Google Maps now includes “assistive hearing loops” as an accessibility attribute.

Watch this video to find out where to find the loop on Google Maps.

Want to help others find hearing loops, too? Read the Get in the Hearing Loop program’s 5 Actions to Promote Hearing Loops on Google Maps. Plus, here’s a guide on how you can add photos of the loop signs at venues, and here’s how to write a review of hearing loops in Google Maps.

Huge kudos go to the GITHL team, especially Wynne Whyman and Peg Bell, for their dedication and energy in making this happen.

For more info on loops and the Get in the Hearing Loop program, click here.

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