Get Involved

Make a difference in the lives of people with hearing loss

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Being involved with HLAA-WA helps me overcome my hearing challenges and gain confidence. And I discovered a whole new community of people living large with hearing loss and inspiring others. When I joined HLAA the world opened up for me.

Carolyn Odio
HLAA-WA Board Trustee
Hearing Loop Advocate
HLAA member 5 years

What better way to break the isolation of hearing loss than to get involved with the HLAA-WA community and help other people. There are many ways you can help — and all of them will make you feel good!

Be a Hearing Loss Ally

Friends and family members of people with hearing loss can be a wonderful source of support — and even agents of change themselves. You can practice good communication skills, help someone make a hearing access request, include hearing accommodations in your meetings, and support legislation that promotes hearing-friendly neighborhoods.

Be a Hearing Health Ambassador

Being a hearing loss ambassador simply means acknowledging and talking about your hearing loss to others. This is a powerful way that you, and everyone with hearing loss, can help break the unfounded stigma that makes hearing loss the invisible disability. And we’re here to help.

Be a Hearing Health Advocate

There are so many ways you can advocate on behalf of yourself and others with hearing loss. Advocacy can be personal and private or social and collective. The important thing is to add your voice to the fight for equal access and opportunities for people with hearing loss.

Volunteer with Us

We need your time and talent! HLAA-WA has many great volunteer opportunities and you’ll meet a great group of people, and have a lot of fun!


Become part of a group of people who are raising their voices to ensure everyone with hearing loss finds information, support, representation, and empowerment. Your HLAA membership automatically includes a membership in HLAA-Washington.


Help HLAA-WA help our neighbors with hearing loss to thrive. Your generosity enables us to build community, provide support, and fight for the rights of all Washingtonians with hearing loss — seniors, kids, working adults, and those in underserved populations. Thank you.