Hearing Loops Arrive at a Grocery Outlet Store in Oregon

Grocery Outlet employees can communicate more easily with a loop.

High ceilings, clattering shopping carts, and chattering people can make grocery stores challenging places to hear. But hearing loops change all that, making communication with employees and customers with hearing loss easy and fast.

The Grocery Outlet in Springfield, Oregon, now has hearing loops at every checkout. The store owners, Tracy and Tom Hogan, were inspired by hearing loop advocate Ginevra Ralph to improve communication at their store.

Large signs let folks know a hearing loop is available.

Installer Alan Anttila at Hearing Support Solutions looped all five checkout lanes using Contacta’s “Above the Counter” pad-type loops, which have the loop aerial housed in the sign. The directional microphone helps block sounds from behind the checker. Anttila designed and bult the microphone holders himself using aluminum bar stock.

The directional microphone at the Grocery Outlet checkouts.

This hearing loop could be the start of more loops at grocery stores across the country. Which store here in Washington State do you think needs a loop most? Let us know in the comments.

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