HLAA-WA E-News, June 13, 2023

Note: This summer, we’ll be publishing once a month on July 18 and August 15. Then we resume our twice-monthly schedule in the fall. Happy summer!

Washington State Hearing Loss News

Join the Mariners Deaf & Hard of Hearing Night

Watch the Mariners play the Detroit Tigers on Saturday, July 15, 2023, at 6:40 pm as part of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Night.

Click this link to get tickets: View seats are $12 and Main-level seats are $29. Deadline to buy: July 14, 2023.

photo of baseball field with fabulous sunset. text reads deaf and hard of hearing night special discounted tickets, saturday july 15, 6:40 pm

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Your Feedback Needed on Wildfire Emergency Preparedness

Do you know what you’d do in case of a wildfire in your area? Are the State of Washington’s alerts and information accessible to you as a person with hearing loss?

You can help Washington State ODHH by watching this wildfire emergency video and then filling out this survey. We encourage you to give your feedback to improve information flow, accessibility, and safety among people with hearing loss in our state.

Accessible Tech Keeps Getting Better

Accessible tech has been with us nearly since the invention of computers. Because of the work of people with disabilities, advocates, and smart developers, accessibility just gets better. Becky Montgomery shares more and expresses her gratitude this week on our blog.

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Our Latest Outreach: ODHH Expo on June 1

At the ODHH Expo in Lacey, we enjoyed connecting with other folks who also serve people with hearing loss and other disabilities, including Jim House at the Coalition on Inclusive Emergency Planning, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and groups dedicated to legal services, adult homes, and human services. 

Board members Carolyn Odio and Rick Faunt managed the HLAA-WA booth and demonstrated a portable hearing loop. Cheri connected with other exhibitors, and along with Laura Obara Gramer (HSDC) and Christine Griffin (Hands and Voices), Cheri shared the news about the new hearing aid insurance legislation. Many organizations hadn’t yet heard about it. 

Pictured right: HLAA-WA Board Member Caroyn Odio (left), President Cheri Perazzoli, and Treasurer Rick Faunt.

Next HOPE Meeting: Wednesday, July 5, 2023

What should you bring with you to a hospital visit when you have a hearing loss? What are some ways that you can tell people about your hearing loss? (One idea: Wear a button that says, “I Have a Hearing Loss.”) These are some of the many questions we discussed at a recent HOPE meeting.

Hearing Other People’s Experiences (HOPE) meetings are a safe, welcoming space where you can ask questions from your peers about anything and everything hearing loss and hearing tech.

Facilitated by a caring, compassionate HOPE Crew, these monthly virtual meetings are free, live-captioned, and open to everyone with hearing loss and to their friends and family. You’re welcome to relax, listen, and simply spend time with people who understand what it’s like to live with hearing loss.

National Hearing Loss News

justin osmond is blurred in the bacground and the focus is on his hand holding a hearing aid. starkey logo is on the bottom right.

Justin Osmond on Wearing Hearing Aids and Removing the Stigma of Hearing Loss

Justin Osmond, who has worn hearing aids since he was two years old, is completely comfortable wearing his hearing aids. He explains why in this post from Starkey.

The Future is Sunny with Captioned Shades

Sunglasses with live captions? That’s the promise from the folks at XRAI Glass.

Starting at $379, these captioned sunglasses could be a way to understand other people better when you’re outside in the sunshine. As always, let us know if you try these and if they work for you.

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Flying with a Hearing Loss: A Call for Empathy and Awareness

Airlines should be more aware of what people with hearing loss need. And travelers with hearing loss can plan ahead, self-identify, and ask for what they need.

Lise Hamlin, HLAA’s Director of Public Policy, explores the challenges and opportunities in flying and travel when you have a hearing loss.

Hearing Loss and Dementia: Is the Messaging Correct?

Hearing loss is linked to dementia, but perhaps the health messaging on this association isn’t quite accurate or helpful enough.

In the latest issue of The Hearing Journal HLAA Board Member Dr. Jan Blustein and others take a different look at the science, messaging, and impact of recent research on the dementia-hearing loss link.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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We’re Here for You

Thank you for your interest in HLAA-Washington State and in all things hearing health related. As always, let us know how we can help you: info@hearingloss-wa.org.

HLAA-WA does not endorse any technology, nor does exclusion suggest disapproval. We support the full spectrum of hearing technologies for everyone. As an all-volunteer run organization, 100% of every dollar donated is directed to our programs. HLAA-WA is an IRS non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by relevant IRS code.

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