HLAA-WA E-News, June 7, 2022

In this e-news, we talk about how changing your thinking can be a turning point in your hearing loss, official lyric videos, free emergency kits, clinical hearing loss trials, Apple’s upcoming live captions, phone apps, and hearing loss and mental health.

Washington State Hearing Loss News

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Managing Hearing Loss: A Personal Journey

Managing your hearing loss can start with a change of thinking. Jacqui Metzger shares more in this blog post on our Washington State Hearing Loss blog.

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Official Lyric Videos Creatively Caption Songs

Official lyric videos can bring a song to life for people with hearing loss and people who are Deaf. On our Washington State Hearing Loss blog, we share some that we enjoy. Do you have a favorite?

HOPE Meeting July 6, 2022

What’s a Boogie Board, and how can it help you communicate? And how can you hear better at an in-person class?

These are some of the questions we answered at a recent HOPE meeting. These meetings provide caring, encouraging online support to people with hearing loss and their loved ones. We empower one another by sharing self-advocacy skills and techniques.

Always free, captioned, and open to everyone.

Emergency Kits Offered from ODHH

Receive a free emergency alert kit as part of a new Washington State Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing pilot program.

The kits are designed for people who are hard-of-hearing or who are Deaf. The kits include a unit that looks like a clock but has words on a screen that tell you whether there’s a fire, smoke, a baby crying, or a doorbell. Watch this video for more info on the program.

To request a kit, contact Kelly Robison, robiskd@dshs.wa.gov, text/voice at 360-819-0913.

National Hearing Loss News

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How to Find Clinical Trials for Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing loss drugs may not be as far off as we think, and some are being tested now via clinical trials.

If you’d like to find out more or participate in one, check out this post from Julie Uphoff on HLAA’s Hear This! Blog.

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Live Captions Coming to Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

All audio will soon be captioned via Apple’s new Live Captions feature. Captions will stream in real-time for phone calls, FaceTime, social media, videos, or even having a conversation with someone next to you.

Live Captions are part of Apple’s new accessibility efforts, which include door detection for people with low vision and a guide with information on hearing-friendly national parks. Read more from Apple.

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There’s an App for That: Hearing Loss Apps that Really Help

Apps on your smartphone or tablet can help you hear better in background noise or on the phone. HearingTracker’s Matthew Allsop, AuD, shares his five top apps for hard-of-hearing folks in this video.

Thank you to Carolyn Odio for this news tip.

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Hearing Loss Is Connected to Mental Health

Hearing loss can affect our mental health and cognitive capabilities. It’s important to find ways to stay connected to others and to avoid loneliness. Read more on HLAA’s Hear This! blog in a post from Starkey’s Brandon Sawalich.

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