HLAA-WA E-News, September 27, 2022

Washington State Hearing Loss News

Emergency Preparedness:
What You Can Do

The late summer wildfires in Washington State may have you thinking about preparing for an emergency. Find out how to protect yourself and your family in our blog post from Jim House, which includes links to help you prepare when you have a hearing loss.

Finding Community Again at Our Annual Picnic

We were so happy to gather with many of you at our annual picnic. Our HLAA-WA President Cheri Perazzoli shares her insights and photos from the event on our blog. Enjoy, and plan to join us next year!

Learn about New Hearing Aid Options from the Whatcom County Chapter

Starkey, ReSound, and Oticon all have new hearing aid models and features. Learn more how to select and use them at this recording of the Whatcom County chapter September meeting. You can also watch other Whatcom County Chapter meetings here.

Next HOPE Meeting
Special Guest: Maria T. Kelley, WATAP
October 5, 2022

Bring your technology questions, concerns, and curiosity and chat with our special guest Maria T. Kelley from the UW’s WATAP program. This program offers resources, services, and technologies to people with disabilities including people with hearing loss. You can read more about the program in our blog post. 

Our virtual (online) HOPE meetings provide caring, encouraging support to people with hearing loss and their loved ones. We empower one another by sharing information, self-advocacy skills, technologies, and techniques.

You’re warmly invited to attend and find hope. HOPE meetings are always free, captioned, and open to everyone.

Please share this information with someone who would benefit from a little hope.

National Hearing Loss News

During Falls Prevention Month, Remember that Hearing Loss Increases Your Risk

A fall can cause serious injuries, and hearing loss increases the risk of falling. Audiologist Michele DiStefano explains why.

Washington State offers online fall prevention resources that can help you stay upright. And of course, get your hearing tested regularly to make sure you have the best hearing care for your needs.

Captions Benefit Everyone, Reduce Stigma

With more people of all ages turning on captions whether they have a hearing loss or not, the stigma of asking for help hearing is fading, says HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley in this Wall Street Journal article (a subscription may be required).

Apple Announces Live Captions in iOS 16

Live captions will be available in beta form in Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 16, available beginning September 12, 2022. Captions should be available with any audio content, including FaceTime calls, videoconference or social media apps, streaming media content, or with a conversation with someone next to you.

According to this guide from Tina Childress, your smartphone is compatible if you have an iPhone 8 or later or an iPhone XS/XR with the A12 chip. If you have an iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or an iPad Pro, check Tina’s guide to see if your device is compatible and if you have the required chip. 

As always, let us know how the live captions work for you.

Consumers Urged to Look for Telecoils in OTC Hearing Aids

When you shop for over-the-counter hearing aids, you’ll want to pay attention to several features, including the return policy, Bluetooth capability, and whether there’s a telecoil. A telecoil will connect you to hearing loop assistive listening systems all around the world.

Read more in this news report from WPVI-TV Philadelphia.


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