About Us

We’re people with hearing loss united in empathy and action

Montage of colored photos of people of all ages smiling.

We come together from differerent backgrounds and from all corners of Washington State with one thing in common: the dream of helping ourselves and others with hearing loss to live our best lives.

At HLAA-WA, we’re navigating the hearing loss journey too, and along the way, we’ve learned how to thrive and to serve others. With a foundation of self-advocacy, knowledge, and empowerment, you can thrive along with us.

At the state level, we empower individuals with skills and knowledge, and we create a caring local community to connect people with hearing loss, their family and friends, and hearing health professionals. 

HLAA-WA is a separate, volunteer-led nonprofit affiliated with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) in Rockville, Maryland.