How to Hear Better at the Phoenix Airport

By Cheri Perazzoli

By the time you get to Phoenix, you’ll have dozens of hearing loops waiting for you. Yes, dozens.

At Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, loops are available at…

  • Terminal 4: Southwest Airlines Concourse, all eight gates, D11-D18
  • Terminal 3: All 25 gates!

After the HLAA Convention in June 2024, I was able to hear the boarding announcement at Sky Harbor’s Gate E6 very clearly. Sometimes, the signs for the loops were not actually at the gate, but located nearby instead. So be sure to look for the universal hearing loop sign, not only in the airport, but everywhere you go.

To hear more clearly through the hearing loop, turn your hearing aid or CI to T or Telecoil mode. The sound is directed straight to you, bypassing background noise and echoes and helping you travel safely and confidently.

Hooray for Sky Harbor and the advocates in Arizona that help make all this possible.

One thought on “How to Hear Better at the Phoenix Airport

  1. Teresa says:

    Hi Cheri, thanks for this article reporting that you were able to hear via the hearing loop at Gate E6. I was at Gate E6 on Saturday and didn’t have the same success you did. I even stood near the blue signage closest to the pub/restaurant adjacent to the gate. Not sure why it didn’t work for me. I was hoping to hear boarding announcements via telecoil after experiencing all the hearing loop accessibility at the HLAA Convention. Anyways, glad it worked for you!

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