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One of our most frequent questions is how to buy hearing aids.  Here is a Consumer Reports article that lays out the choices:  Best and Worst Hearing Aid Brands and Retailers, January 2019.  Inside this article are links to a number of other valuable articles, including:

  • Hearing Aids Ratings & Buying Guide
  • Protect Your Hearing Now
  • 5 Ways to Cut Hearing Aid Costs
  • Better TV Sound for Those With Hearing Loss
  • Sound Advice About Hearing Loss
  • Getting Hearing Aids Without a Prescription
  • Hearing Problems? The Right Headphones and Phone and TV Settings Might Help

Whatever hearing aid you buy, be sure to order one with a telecoil.  A telecoil is a small sensor or copper wire placed in the hearing aid which, when activated, picks up a magnetic signal from hearing-aid-compatible hearing assistive systems.  This allows the hearing aid wearer to hear clearly in conference rooms, concert halls, museums, taxis, subways, airports, etc., where there are hearing assistive systems.

HLAA-WA is part of the national Get-in-the-Hearing Loop campaign, advocating for audio induction loops (hearing loops) in a room or space (e.g., conference table). Hearing loops send the sound from a PA system or microphone to a telecoil in a hearing aid or CI. Listeners receive convenient, clear sound without background noise, right in the ear, customized to their own hearing loss. Be sure to get a Telecoil in your hearing aid!