Assistive Tech Rental for State of Washington Agencies

State of Washington Agencies Assistive Tech Rental

If you’re a State of Washington government agency, you can request hearing assistive technology, like hearing loops, from the Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH).  The ODHH Assistive Communication Technology (ACT) program offers counter and window hearing loops, temporary and permanent large-space hearing loops, FM receiver/transmitter kits, and personal PA systems.

ODHH also provides training, guidance, and help selecting the hearing access tech that works for your needs.

color photo of a man talking with a woman at a counter. a blue ear symbol with the letter T is on a nearby sign.

Richard Einhorn uses a hearing loop at a museum counter. Hearing loops and other hearing assistive tech are available at ODHH.

People with hearing loss sometimes ask for the hearing help they need, so it’s important to have hearing access available, communicate the type of access you provide, and let people know they can request what they need.

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