Local Hearing Loss Advocates Win National Awards

Congratulations to four local hearing loss advocates who won national HLAA awards!

  • Cynthia Stewart, HLAA-WA Legislative Liaison: Excellence in State Advocacy Award
  • Jill Bujnevicie and Hugo Esterhay : Excellence in State Advocacy Awards
  • Kimberly Parker, HOPE Crew: Spirit of HLAA Award

Cynthia, Jill, and Hugo will be recognized for their leadership in passing two hearing aid bills in the Washington State legislature last year. Kimberly will be honored for her leadership of our HOPE program and for embodying the spirit of service and compassion for people with hearing loss.

The awards will be given on June 29, 2024, at the awards gala at the HLAA 2024 Convention in Phoenix, Arizona.

One thought on “Local Hearing Loss Advocates Win National Awards

  1. Susan Izak says:

    I really do appreciate what Cynthia, Jill and Hugo did to push for the bill for hearing aids. My old hearing aids finally broke down and my health insurance helped cover most of the cost of new hearing aids! Thank you!!

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