Local Hearing Loss Stars Shine Brightly at National HLAA Convention

We’re so proud and happy for our HLAA 2023 award winners. These Washington State advocates shine so brightly, they’re noticed all across America.

Glenda Philio, HLAA-WA Secretary – Spirit of HLAA Award

Cheri Perazzoli, HLAA-WA President (with Ann Thomas) – Get in the Hearing Loop Award, for their creation of the hearing loop advocacy handbook and guidebook. David Abell was also honored with this award this year.

JoAnne Dyer, HLAA-WA Communications – Social Media Award

HLAA-WA – Website Award. Cheri Perazzoli accepted the award on behalf of HLAA-WA, praising the team who developed our new (award-winning!) website: Heather Patrick (writer and project manager), JoAnne Dyer (writer), Scott Marlow (web developer and designer), Peg Ogle (graphic designer), and the many folks who offered reviews, edits, and feedback.

The awards were presented at the 2023 HLAA Convention in New Orleans on June 30, 2023. For more convention highlights and photos, see HLAA’s coverage.

One thought on “Local Hearing Loss Stars Shine Brightly at National HLAA Convention

  1. Danny Beatty says:

    Congratulations to all HLAA-WA winners and attendees at the National Convention last month. I appreciate all the varied programs that those so long involved in helping us with hearing loss. Thank you! Danny

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