Notes from Our October 2023 HOPE Meeting

If you missed our October 2023 HOPE virtual hearing loss support meeting, here are the notes for you to review. Our topics at this meeting included Bluetooth and telecoils, audiology appointments, and book recommendations.

You can read more about our HOPE program here. Notes from HOPE meetings are always available on our blog.

  • An attendee shared their ongoing experiments with Bluetooth and telecoils for their hearing aids, emphasizing the importance of having both of these technologies. Bluetooth and telecoils work in different situations. The attendee will continue to experiment and compare Bluetooth and telecoil experiences, and will report back to us at a future meeting.
  • An attendee recounted their experience meeting Earnest Covington III, the new director of the WA Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH), at a library. The attendee expressed interest in the amplified telephone and emergency kit offered by ODHH. (Follow-up note: Visit the ODHH for more information on this and other types of equipment that ODHH offers.)
  • Mary (Maggie) Campbell talked about her new role at ODHH; Maggie leads ODHH’s Hard of Hearing Consultation and Resources. This role is specifically designed to serve people in Washington State who are hard of hearing but who do not use ASL or identify as Deaf. Maggie trains service providers on the challenges and needs of people with hearing loss and how the state helps us. She often gives presentations to assisted living centers, senior centers, school groups, and State of Washington human service agencies. Check out ODHH’s events and feel free to share and attend if you can.
  • An attendee shared their recent travel in Italy, highlighting the challenges and solutions they encountered as a person with hearing loss. The Roger Select microphone was helpful in various situations, including group dinners and conversations with the tour guide.
  • An attendee sought advice on whether multiple people could benefit from a single microphone by networking their Bluetooth devices and hearing aids. The attendee wondered if Phonak devices could be networked so that multiple people could share a Roger Select or other type of microphone. A different attendee noted that yes, this can be done, though it’s a challenge and a bit of an expense. Another attendee has networked Phonak Roger devices while hiking and in other situations.
  • An attendee emphasized how important it is to schedule audiology appointments well in advance. The attendee had to wait three months for an appointment.
  • An attendee reflected on the friendships and other relationships they have formed thanks to their hearing loss. They expressed gratitude for the understanding and empathy they found in the hard-of-hearing community.
  • An attendee recommended the book Deaf Utopia by Nyle DiMarco. DiMarco is a gay Deaf man. The attendee thought DiMarco’s book was relevant and interesting to people with hearing loss.

Helpful Note from Chat

  • HSDC is offering a Communication Strategies Class on Mondays from October 23 through November 27, 2023, from 6-7 pm. Classes are free. Register with Devin Myers:, or 206-452-7967.

2 thoughts on “Notes from Our October 2023 HOPE Meeting

  1. Barbara G. Curtis says:

    Is the HSDC Communications Strategies Class available on computer access also or only in person??
    Thank you.

    1. JoAnne Dyer says:

      Hi Barbara. This is an HSDC program, so we’re not sure if it will be recorded or livestreamed. You can contact HSDC directly with questins: or 206-452-7967.

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