Notes from Our September 2023 HOPE Meeting

If you missed our September 2023 HOPE virtual hearing loss support meeting, here are the notes for you to review. Our topics at this meeting included communication struggles within relationships, personal hearing loops, and cochlear implant upgrades.

You can read more about our HOPE program here. Notes from our past and future meetings are available on our blog.

Hearing Loss and Communication Problems in Relationships
The first attendee shared her experience of a significant decline in her hearing, which has led to communication challenges with her husband. The couple is struggling with this new level of hearing loss, leading to frustration on both sides. She sought advice on how to navigate this situation. Suggestions from the group included using a mini mic or a Roger Pen, maintaining close proximity during conversations, and considering an upgrade of her current hearing device. It was also recommended that the husband attend a HOPE session to gain more understanding about hearing loss.

Personal Hearing Loops
Attendee 2 asked about personal hearing loops, particularly to use with the television. The group provided advice on how to set one up, with suggestions including using a PocketTalker and a neckloop for better audio reception. The attendee was also guided on how to access a video tutorial for setting up a personal hearing loop.

Cochlear Implant Upgrade
The third attendee, who’s due for a cochlear implant upgrade, asked if it’s customary for audiologists to lead this process. The group affirmed that audiologists typically handle this, as they have all the information required by the manufacturer for the upgrade.

Single-Sided Cochlear Implants
Attendee 4, who lost hearing in her left ear due to a brain tumor, sought feedback on single-sided cochlear implants as she was considering this option. The group emphasized the importance of an audiologist’s guidance, and they suggested direct contact with cochlear implant manufacturers to pursue insurance coverage. Another suggestion: Captioning apps on smartphones for better communication until the attendee can get a CI.

Outdoor Picnic Experience
The final attendee shared his experience of attending an outdoor picnic with about 80 people. He found it difficult to communicate effectively due to the noise and felt unsure about the volume of his own voice. The group empathized with his experience and suggested using hearing assistive devices like partner mics or Roger pens/mics to better manage such situations.

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