Rise and Shine: Travel Alarms Designed for People Who Are Hard of Hearing or Deaf

By Cheri Perazzoli

black and white photo of an alarm clock and a small auxiliary device

Recently, when I stayed with my daughter for a few days, I used my iPhone as a type of travel alarm clock. Unless I placed my phone very close, I slept right through through the alarm–even with the vibrate and flash alert modes turned on. I was vigilant about keeping my phone just “so,” but then I couldn’t relax enough to get a very deep or restful sleep.

So I went searching for a better alarm clock especially for when I travel. This article in USA Today from Lisa A. Goldstein was helpful in my quest. In her article, Goldstein, who has a cochlear implant and a hearing aid herself, reviews several different types and brands of travel alarm clocks designed for people who are hard of hearing or Deaf.

These types of alarms work differently to help people with hearing loss: they can be extra-loud, or they can rely on vibrations, or they can use light. Some alarm models use a couple of these methods together. Many of these devices are portable enough to bring with you when you travel.

You can order these types of alarms in lots of places on the web, including Amazon, Diglo, HearWorld USA, and Walmart.

Do you have an alarm clock that works well for you and your hearing loss? Let us know in the comments.

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