Seattle Animal Shelter Gets in the Loop

It’s impossible to have a bad day when you’re in the company of shelter dogs. On August 2, in addition to feeding Utah his treats and cuddling in the sun with a puppy who’d recently had surgery, our president Cheri Perazzoli was excited to find hearing loops at the Seattle Animal Shelter. Counter loops are available at reception and at the service counter.

More loops are coming, not only to the shelter, but to locations throughout City of Seattle, including community-based customer service offices. Cheri and HLAA-WA will continue to work with the City to expand their use of hearing loops, ensure hearing access signage is correct and visible to all, and to help them promote the loops on their websites and elsewhere.

A huge thank you goes to City of Seattle’s Holly Delcambre (ADA Title II Compliance Program Manager) and Autumn Harris (Citywide ADA Title II Coordinator, Equity and Policy) for their hard work on getting more loops in City of Seattle buildings and helping make Seattle more hearing friendly.

This project is part of our Making Hearing Loss Visible work. Stay tuned for more details.

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