Simple System Helps People Hear at Counters and Desks

December 3, 2020 – Glass and plastic barriers–and ever-present face masks–may protect us from COVID19, but they make it harder, if not impossible, to hear one another. Sound is muffled and blocked, and we lose the ability to speech read.

Speech Transfer Systems, also called window intercoms, are a simple, affordable way to help people hear better. Microphones on each side, plus loop technology, isolate the speech we need to hear. People with hearing loss need this technology to communicate and to receive services, products, and care.

These systems provide so many benefits: ADA-mandated communication access, happy customers, confident employees, and better and faster client service and care.

Color photo of a Middle-aged man in glasses looking at the camera, raising one hand. A glass partition with the blue ear hearing accessibly logo in the corner is to the left.
Speech Transfer Systems, or window intercoms, can help people with hearing loss communicate better. Brown Audio Service shows you how.

Check out Brown Audio Service’s description of this simple technology, and watch their before-and-after demonstration video.