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Finding a community of peers who understand what you are facing and who share similar struggles can be invaluable toward decreasing isolation and depression. The good news is that it’s possible to not only live well with hearing loss – but to thrive.

Cheri Perazzoli
HLAA-Washington President
Founder, Let’s Loop Seattle
HLAA Member 37 years

Hearing loss can be isolating. But even though you may feel lonely, you are not alone.

We are here for you with vital information and support. We understand the fear and frustration of missing words, not understanding what is being heard, and miscommunication. And we know it is not just seniors who struggle with hearing loss. This invisible disability impacts children, students, veterans, young and middle-aged adults, people in the workforce, and people of all ethnic backgrounds.

If you find yourself bluffing your way through conversations and situations, staying home, or giving up a job or activities that you love — there is a better way to manage your hearing loss.

Easy first steps:

Seek Information

If you are reluctant to admit you are struggling with hearing loss, you’ve got company. People wait seven years, on average, to treat hearing loss. We get it, there is a perceived stigma that still surrounds hearing loss and can make you reluctant to wear a hearing aid.

But consider the personal price for not managing your hearing loss. Without treatment, hearing loss is linked to isolation, depression, relationship stress, cognitive decline/dementia and falls.

Your health and quality of life can improve significantly with support and treatment.

Hearing Loss FAQ

Get the answers to common questions about types of hearing loss, tinnitus, accommodations and much more

Hear Well. Stay Vital

Excellent resource focused on managing your hearing health and staying engaged in the activities you love

Working With a Hearing Health Professional

Find tips and information about how to choose an audiologist, questions to ask, and more from people with experience

Find your community

The value of connecting with other people who have hearing loss cannot be overstated. Peer empathy and shared experience provides a bridge to ease the fear and isolation of hearing loss. A peer community let’s you know that you can advocate for yourself. That beyond surviving with hearing loss, you can thrive. That you can move confidently through the world knowing you can manage your hearing loss in different situations.

Finding your community can be the most powerful step in your hearing loss journey.

Support Meetings

Find support and encouragement, and learn new skills at our online HOPE, chapter and support group meetings

Hearing Loss Journeys

Written in their own words, these stories share the denial, struggle and ultimate joy of accepting and managing a hearing loss

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Take action to live well and stay vital

Hearing health influences everything from our emotional and physical health to our relationships, careers and recreation. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive in managing your hearing loss. We invite you to use all of the resources on this site to connect with other people on this journey, to become a confident self-advocate, and to be your fabulous self with hearing loss.

Living well with hearing loss takes practice — we’re here to help.

Help for Friends & Family

If you, or someone you love, is struggling to communicate because of hearing loss, share and use our tips for effective communication — the sooner you take action the better

But I’m Not Ready for Hearing Aids

If you are beginning to have difficulty hearing every word or understanding what you are hearing — there are many products on the market now that can help

Hearing Loss Blogs, Podcasts, and More

People living with hearing loss are writing great blogs, hosting podcasts, and publishing magazines — get started with a few of our favorites.

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