We’re Talking Loops and Telecoils with Audiologists at the 2023 AAA Conference in Seattle

Hearing loops in venues and telecoils in hearing aids: Today, this combination is still the gold standard for hearing accessibility the world over. In fact, hearing loops are so beloved that they inspired local and even national movements like HLAA’s Get in the Hearing Loop and even Loop Washington, which was founded by our HLAA-WA President Cheri Perazzoli.

You’ll hear a lot about new Bluetooth technologies like Auracast, and while these technologies are promising, they’re not yet ready for prime time. Auracast will co-exist with hearing loops and telecoils for years. That means we need audiologists to help us use all the technologies available to us — including telecoils — for the foreseeable future.

Audiologists juggle a lot of priorities during a patient’s visit, and it can be easy to forget to talk to patients about telecoils in their hearing aids. Armed with the knowledge of telecoils and the know-how to use them in public spaces, however, patients can truly make the most of their hearing devices. Which means they can live, work, play, and travel more safely and confidently.

We often say, “People with hearing loss want to hear wherever they go.” Ann Thomas from HLAA-Diablo Valley adds, “People with hearing loss live uncertain lives.” Hearing loops, telecoils, and Bluetooth reduce that uncertainty and empower people with hearing loss to communicate in more places.

That was our message as we connected with audiologists at the American Academy of Audiology conference (HearTECH Expo) April 19-22, 2023, at the Convention Center in Seattle.

A huge THANK YOU to the American Academy of Audiology and the terrific audiologists who welcomed us to their conference and provided a complimentary booth for us in the accessibility pavilion.

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