Hearing Loss Programs

Learn how HLAA-WA is helping people with hearing loss thrive

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What speedy assistance and wonderful information…my anxiety level has measurably decreased. Thank you!

Jackie Westwood
HLAA-WA member 11 years

HLAA-WA is here to help you live your best life. Our programs help people with hearing loss thrive as we work to create more hearing-friendly communities throughout Washington State.

Hearing Loss Advocacy

HLAA-WA is working for you. We take this role seriously and advocate within state, county and city governments. We continuously advocate for greater access to hearing health services throughout Washington State. Our efforts include seeking broader insurance coverage, consumer protection and education, and increased hearing accessibility.

HOPE Meetings

Our online support group provides a safe space for HOPE — or Hearing Other People’s Experiences. These friendly, monthly meetings are an chance to connect with and learn from other people with hearing loss. You can ask questions, share your own experience, offer insight, or simply listen.

Let’s Loop Seattle

Through our Let’s Loop Seattle communication access program, we champion the use of hearing loops in venues across Washington State. Hearing loops are user-friendly assistive listening systems installed everywhere from taxi cabs to theaters to airports. One of the beauties of hearing loops is that they eliminate the need to ask for accommodations — like curb cuts for people with mobility issues, hearing loops are just available when there is a need.

Community Outreach

Most people know someone with hearing loss, but few people with normal hearing understand what the experience is like or how to help. We reach into our local communities to shed light on the importance of hearing health and accessibility. We strive is to engage new audiences and to reach those who are underserved.


HLAA-WA collaborates with organizations that support access for people with disabilities because there is strength in numbers. We all benefit when we raise our voices together.

Hearing Loss Journeys

Living with diminished hearing in a hearing world is challenging and frightening. That’s why we believe there is power in our stories. You may see yourself in someone else’s journey. You may be inspired by those who found light at the end of the tunnel. We hope you’ll be inspired to share your own story.