Community Outreach

Raising awareness for hearing health

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Providing information and hope

Our community outreach program connects with people from all walks of life across Washington State. We bring messages of hope, information on hearing health and hearing access, guidance on communicating and caring for people with hearing loss, and advice on how to live vibrantly, regardless of how well you hear.

Reaching underserved populations

Historically, BIPOC and rural communities have not had consistent access to information about hearing health and solutions for hearing loss. We are working to reach underserved groups with resources, support and information to enable all communities to benefit from hearing health.

From conferences to health fairs, senior centers to community meetings

Because hearing loss is invisible, it is often the forgotten disability. That’s why HLAA-WA is committed to raising awareness about hearing loss, hearing health, and what communities can do to make their neighborhoods more accessible and hearing-friendly. Recently, we’ve participated in the Redmond Wellness Fair, the Aging King County “Close to Home” virtual panel series, the Washington State Long-Term Care Ombudsman program, and the Washington State Senior Citizen Lobby conference.

Coming soon to a community near you?

If you’d like representatives from HLAA-WA to participate or present at an upcoming event, please contact us:

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Invite us to present to your group or community.