Our People

Our Board of Directors

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Cheri Perazzoli

Cheri is a national leader in hearing loss advocacy who has been recognized with multiple awards for her service and philanthropy. The founder of Let’s Loop Seattle, chairwoman of the national HLAA Get in the Hearing Loop program, and a member of the HLAA board of directors, she’s passionate about universal design and inclusion. Cheri’s vision and dedication have made Washington State a leader in hearing-friendly neighborhoods, laws, and policies. Cheri has made lifelong friends throughout her advocacy journey and is honored to serve alongside incredible HLAA-WA volunteers and advocates.

Glenda Philio

Glenda Philio has been a member of HLAA since 2003 and a member of the HLAA-WA Board for many years. A retired dental hygienist, Glenda facilitates the Renton Support Group of HLAA-WA and credits them for helping her learn to cope with her hearing loss and prolong her career. She enjoys attending HLAA conventions and the friends she has made through HLAA.

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Rick Faunt

Rick Faunt has been a member of HLAA, in its several names, since 1996. He has held nearly every office at the Chapter and State level and continues to this day. He is a retired Boeing worker and was a consultant/installer of the various Assistive Listening Systems for the Hard of Hearing.

Sandra Bunning
Board Member

Sandra has been active with HLAA since 1997. The proud recipient of the HLAA Spirit Award in 2007, she organized a fundraiser at the national HLAA convention in Seattle in 2001 and continues to befriend, support, and encourage people with hearing loss today.

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Karen Utter
Board Member Emeritus

Karen is an original trustee of the Washington State HLAA (formerly SHHH) and has been an HLAA-WA member for 32 years. She’s served as president and chapter coordinator and Seattle chapter leader. A Keystone award recipient, she holds the history of HLAA-WA in her mind and heart, and she’s a friend to all with hearing loss.

Carolyn Odio
Board Member

A self-described “Navy Brat” fascinated by cultural experiences, Carolyn came to terms with her hearing loss later in life. Realizing hearing aids weren’t enough, she joined HLAA in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017, which changed her life. She leads the hearing loss support group at Panorama senior living in Lacey, serves on our HOPE crew, and is our go-to tech expert.

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Becky Montgomery
Board Member

Becky has been profoundly hard-of-hearing for almost 30 years, losing her hearing suddenly because of an autoimmune disease. She was drawn to HLAA because she wanted to meet people, and she’s impressed by HLAA-WA members’ friendliness and good-natured activism.

In the past, she worked at Microsoft, where she worked with their Employee Resource Group for Disability, and she helped to make programs like Word more accessible for people who can’t see.

Our Team

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Diana Thompson
Agency & Legislative Liaison

A retired lawyer, Diana lends her expertise to HLAA-WA’s advocacy efforts. She’s also our award-winning liaison to many community groups where she ensures that the needs of people with hearing loss are well-represented, including the Washington State Dementia Action Collaborative, the Seattle-King County Aging Advisory Council, and the Bellevue Network on Aging.

Cynthia Stewart
Legislative Liaison

As a person with lifelong severe hearing loss, Cynthia has been a member of HLAA for 11 years, has served on the board of HLAA-WA, and is a past President. She has worked on state legislative issues for both the League of Women Voters of WA and HLAA-WA for several years. Cynthia is a strong advocate for HLAA, the information it provides, and the support that its members receive.

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Virtual Support Meeting Leaders

Kimberly Parker, Devin Myers, Carolyn Odio, Glenda Philio, Jerry Paulukonis, Erlene VanDerMeer, Karen Utter, and Cheri Perazzoli are longtime hearing loss advocates who make our monthly HOPE meetings a friendly, compassionate, and helpful space for everyone.

JoAnne Dyer
Social Media, Website, and E-News Editor

JoAnne Dyer is a freelance editor and writer. A Seattle native, she works for people who are changing the world.

We’d like to thank the CART providers who have provided HLAA-WA with outstanding live captioning services at no fee or for a small stipend. We love our captioners, who make sure we can participate and communicate!